"Walk Around Magic" for Wedding, Cocktail and Private Parties

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Time: 40 minutes

Kubilay is making delightful shows for weddings, cocktails and private parties.
Walk Around, called "Walk Around Magic"
It is a world famous name in such shows made by visiting tables.
Guests live in magic for a few minutes and are warm
A bond is formed.


"I said that I was curious, the first time I saw these card numbers ..
As I know most of the playing tricks, I looked carefully.
I did not, did not ... I could not even imagine not catching a beat.

So embarrassing, I have not known QB for 20 years "The man is really a magician"
I will not say that I will not mind.

There are lots of fun around the table, and I am very confused, like me .. "

                                                                                                  HINCAL ULUÇ


Please contact us for the artist's performance requirements ..

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