Pupa Terrace Cocktail Menu 4

It is valid for minimum 50 people.


(Grapes, Gherkins Pickle, Fresh Colored Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Cengelkoy Salad, Carrot, Green Apple

Cube Cheese Varieties, Bottom Sauce)

Marine Olive Varieties, Chips, Snack, Spicy and Plain Ribs


Cold Canapes

Cherry Tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese

Cream Cheese Salmon Roll

Crepe Hoorn Hoed Sauce Duck

Shrimp Cocktail in Shot Glass

Mini Leaf Wrap

Eggplant Roll with Dried Tomato


Hot Canapes

Chicken Volovan

Kadayfa Wrapped Shrimp with Mango Chutney

Kalamar Tava With Tarator Sauce

Stuffed Mushroom Pane

Chinese Bean with Mini Vegetables

Jalapone peppered poppers



Mini Attachments Rice

Turkish Coffee Creme Brulee

Mini Fruity Tartolets

Cheesecake with lemon

Chocolate Tart

Mus Types

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