" Climb your own Everest" Seminar

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Everyone wants to achieve something in this life. Everyone wants to leave a trace on the world. Every life wants to know. But forget that you have to try as hard as you can to get it. Whether or not it can not show the energy and belief that runs from behind. If you do not go as expected after a couple of tryouts, you will be agitated for the fact, try to manage less, think small. It stays below its potential and it pity itself to life. Yet those who are aware of the miracles of the extraordinary opportunities of life and the miracles of being able to do well, very well, even perfect, and evil, know that they really deserve their place in their lives. They realize that you can only get there by chance and they do it ...

  Nasuh Mahruki is doing a seminar on "YOUR OWN EVEREST", the theme of which is the same as his last book, personal development, self-awareness, goal orientation, determination, motivation, teamwork. This seminar is given as a single section for 1 - 1.5 hours, or in two parts for 2 - 2.5 hours. At the end of the seminar we also have an interactive question and answer section.


The greatest destruction created by today's complex, chaotic and very fast world on an individual is the risk that life seems to be meaningless and that its meaning is lost. It is the value we give to life and the value we place on our life, that we can catch rhythm and move in harmony with it, enthusiastically embracing the possibilities and opportunities of life, and ensuring that we do not proceed with certain steps towards realizing ourselves. People who do not have a meaning in their lives and can not find a cause of existence can be trapped in the sense that this whole thing is meaningless, worthless and can fall into a void of existence. This unfortunate situation will upset the entire balance of man. It removes man's mind from his spirit, alienates himself and his community. Who makes someone irritate for everything, makes them dependent on various things like drugs, television, internet, puts them in depression, makes them unbelievers, pushes them to dogs and females, and saves them in the entertainment and pleasure extremes.

Losing the meaning of life means losing everything.

Remember that;

Your life is not a rehearsal.


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