Brunch Menu Great

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It is the organization price of minimum 80 people.

The package is valid for organizations of 80-200 persons.



Cold Meat Types;

Ham Varieties, Salami, Sucuk, turkey Fume

 Smoked Variety;

Salmon, mackerel and Dil

Types of cheese;

White Cheese, Kashar Cheese, Tulum Cheese

Types of Olives;

Green and Black Olives marinated with olive oil with red pepper and thyme

Recel and Marmalade Types;

Strawberry Jam, Cherry Jam, Apricot Marble,

Cicek Bal

Butter, Yoghurt

Corn Flakes, Musli and Cornflakes


Dried fruit

Fresh milk

Tomato, Cucumber Cream



Potato Salad with Roast

Mushroom Salad with Roasted Red Pepper



Hot Buffet;

Beef Straganof with Ribbed Cheese Sausage

Water Bloom


Potato Rosti

Beat Eggs in Mini Sauce

 Types of Bread;

Minted Olive Bread Slices

Mini Bag Types

Croissant Types

Desserts / Desserts

Fresh Seasonal Fruits

Fruity and Chocolate Muffin

Raspberry Split Mousse


Fresh Bored

Carrot juice

Orange juice

Tea Coffee Options

 * Our prices are valid for 4 hours. TL 10 + VAT for each extra hour (per person) will be added.

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Service Price Sayı
120,00 TRY + KDV Per person Ekle

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